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COSMIC FORECAST by Lauren Aronstam

Eclipse season has begun!
The changes signified by this solar eclipse may have actually started around June 20, when the Sun was within 18º31′ of the nodes. Occurring tomorrow at 10º38’ Cancer, its themes and lessons relate to our homes, families, roots, ancestry, past, mothers, divine feminine, intuition, emotions, unconscious, inner children, and self-care. Since November 2018, the North Node has been moving through this sign, requiring us to focus on and grow within these areas. The whole sign house Cancer rules in your chart will give you more insight into where and how your life is changing.
As a North Node eclipse and supercharged New Moon, we are being asked to embrace the new. Eclipses bring karmic lessons and adjustments that can sometimes feel surprising or uncomfortable. Oftentimes they are necessary nudges to get us back on the right track, so there’s no use in resisting. Trust your path and take one step at a time. When the light is obscured by an eclipse, the way can seem hazy and uncertain. The darkness will clear when it is time. Until then, embrace the mystery and take advantage of this fertile energy. Quiet your mind and connect to your innermost self. What is it that you truly need? What does your soul wish to say right now? How can you honor your emotions, inner children, and divine feminine? The North Node asks us to stretch ourselves, so we mustn’t be deterred by the growing pains.
The subject of family is always a touchy one. No one’s had a perfect childhood, just as no one’s had perfect parents. Rather than seethe or blame our parents for their failings, we must learn to take responsibility for ourselves and fill the holes they (and other family members/authority figures) unintentionally created. This is not an easy lesson to learn—many people spend their entire lives attempting to fill the gaps with unhealthy relationships, substances, and external validation. This is often because we don’t even realize the holes are there. In order to see the unconscious, we need the help of a mirror, such as a therapist or partner. My vote is for the therapist first and foremost, as this is the most conscious way to realize and work through your issues (especially if they can teach you how to work with your inner children). In order to heal, we must nurture and integrate the wounded, hidden parts of ourselves that subconsciously control our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In order to heal, we must learn to give ourselves the love and comfort we’ve always wanted and needed.
Continuing this theme is Saturn conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, an aspect that requires us to release harmful societal and parental conditioning, toxic masculinity, attachments, fears, barriers, past hurts, and outdated systems and structures. It’s time to dump those Saturnian skeletons out of our closets to make room for something much, much better. Both Saturn and the South Node represent karmic lessons, be they from this life or another one prior. We have to accept our realities as they are and do the work that is asked of us. Find the house they are currently transiting to see what you must let go of.
Last, this eclipse is part of the 3 North Saros Series. According to Bernadette Brady, this series may bring news that involves young people or transforms a situation, leading to anxiety, obsessiveness, and overreaction. As long as we don’t get carried away, the resulting plans and activities can actually be very constructive. The last eclipse in this series occurred on June 21, 2001 at 0º Cancer.
As we move through eclipse season, breathe, trust, and relax. Let the Universe carry you on your path and look ahead with wonder rather than worry. For more about the changes, opportunities, and lessons in your life, message Lauren at bodyandsoulsustenance@gmail.com
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