“We have been born into a culture of extraction in the west, where it’s normal to take anything from anywhere and make a profit. One of the beautiful aspects of modern life is that we have the ability to learn from each other and be inspired from cultures all all over the world – that we live in a time of interconnectedness. Indian culture has inspired so many to live a life of deeper truth, health and freedom. The practices of Yoga and Ayurveda have allowed so many all over the world to breathe more deeply and live more fully. India is in a crisis that will change the culture and it’s people forever. Many of these people are the keepers of these traditions and practices that you love so much. True interconnectedness means we show up when we can in whatever ways we can, in solidarity. If you have ever benefited from any aspect of Indian culture from turmeric to asana to goddess practice to wearing a bindi – please do what you can in this moment to understand the politics and systemic issues in India today, and donate to organisations that are getting oxygen and support to those who need it. As Arandhuti Roy says, we are witnessing a crime against humanity. If you ever wondered what you would do if you lived at a time of war and crisis, this is it. Do what you can to uplift, raise awareness and make donations.”
Amisha Ghadiali, host of The Future Is Beautiful podcast

A m i s h a   G h a d i a l i
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Let’s Show up for India.

There seems to be quite a bit of silence in the yoga community regarding the covid and oxygen crisis in India. The silence is shocking to say the least.

What is it that we can do to make the world a better place? How can we take responsibility for our white privilege and the ways we are engaging in cultural appropriation? We all do it, it’s been part of our western cultural to capitalize and profit in whatever ways we can without truly considering what we are taken and from whom. I used to create collages with Native American Indians in them and sell them. I quickly realized that I cannot do that. I donated the profits to stand with standing rock and other indigenous organizations. I don’t offer those images anymore, they are only donation pieces. I have used yoga images and kundalini images and concepts in my work, along with deitys and goddesses from India. I see yoga Mats. Is this ok? I don’t think so. No, it really isn’t. Can I give back? Yes. Will I remain silent? No. We can all make a substantial effort to give back? Can we show up? Ive made the decision that during the health crisis any artwork that uses any type of Indian culture reference is now a donation piece- that means all proceeds/profit will be donated.

Let’s take a look at what we are doing, what we are taking from other cultures, what tools, practices, symbols and ideas are we using? Isn’t it time to bring balance to the world?

Let’s make this world better. Let be better humans and lift up humanity. Not tomorrow but Today. Let’s be better humans today. Let’s incorporate all of that yoga practice right now. If you are a yoga teacher, if you practice yoga, if you sell malas, yoga clothes, chakra jewelry or reference any type of Indian culture in your business, you could show up for India.



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