Have you ever considered spiritual practices for your own well-being? Well, such spiritual practices are intended to create a new energy pattern in the body. Moreover, they can help your consciousness to be more in touch with the interior energy spaces and eventually find peace. This practice can provide spiritual awareness and enhance the overall well-being.

Becoming More Conscious

Among them are meditation, Qi Gong, yoga, and other esoteric practices. According to experts, such practices will break the identification with the body or the limited form. Thus, it is said that in yoga the first know is broken.

That said, it allows your awareness to become more conscious of itself as an energy field. So instead of knowing yourself as the outer structure of the cells, you begin to experience yourself as the movement inside the cells as a vibration.

Kundalini Medicine

The nature of kundalini, for instance, aims to integrate the expanded consciousness of kundalini yoga and meditation with proven systems of holistic medicine. Kundalini medicine is a great tool for everyone and it is easy to apply even with the lack of experience in yoga or advanced physical flexibility.

Kundalini medicine might not be common, since there is no western paradigm that can describe. On the other hand, the eastern science of it is obscure and complex, which is usually interpreted poorly by people who have not lived through it.

Flow Of Interior Energy

People begin to experience gaining some control over the directional flow of interior energy called chi or prana, which is common in healing, martial arts, Reiki, Taoist, and yogic breathing practices. This can build strength or open the chakras or different energy centers.

Releasing Old Patterns And Attract New Ones

This can also provide a feeling of releasing erratic energy as cells start to release old patterns and attract the new ones. It is possible to open up new pathways for energy and activate kundalini, which is coiled at the base of the spine. Such an awakening can amplify the energy and orchestrate the gradual reorganization of the energy field.

At the same time, you can experience periods of mental disorientation or disorganization, emotional volatility, radical shifts in world view and interest, and some changes in the eating patterns, inclinations, senses, and sexuality.

Practice of Kundalini

Genuine kundalini uses many standard yogic practices as derived from primary yogic scriptures, including Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Goraksa Staka, Siva Samhita, and Tibetan Yoga, among others. It provides deep and profound yogic realization without any vagary, mystic decption or any sad non-sense characterized in many of the kundalini yoga practices of today.

True kundalini does not require a group to join, guru to obey, but there is practice. Thus, it must be practiced regularly to provide great benefites of clarity, energy, harmony, and spiritual awareness.

This is because the practice of kundalini will lead to the deep realization of pure spirit, which is essential for all beings.