cosmic art

Astrology has always been a fascinating subject for many people around the world.


From cosmic art to horoscopes, the curiosity for what the stars and the phases of the moon has to say about the future has made astrology one of the most studied topics today.


But what exactly are the phases of the moon and how does it affect us?



New Moon, New Beginnings


The new moon is significant in astrology and all its aspects including cosmic art. This is a time when the sun and moon are on the same sign, which marks a time to make a mark in your life and re-evaluate your lifestyle choices.


The new moon is the perfect opportunity to make changes that reflect your pursuit of happiness.



Crescent Moon, Taking Charge


It is a time when the moon is halfway between the new and first quarter, and the crescent moon also marks the sprouting of new life.


With the new beginning taking place during the new moon phase, the crescent moon is the time to take charge, to actualize new objectives and get rid of the old ways to reach your goals.



First Quarter Moon, Building Foundations


With the moon waxing and the sun being square, it is time for great growth. During this time, you begin to build the foundation for your future and you work harder than ever to achieve your goals even if you are faced with huge challenges along the way.



Gibbous Moon, Reaping the Rewards


The gibbous moon is the time when the moon is halfway between the first quarter and full moon. This season signifies the beginning of your accomplishments when you slowly reap the rewards of your labor. As a result, you will be more inspired to keep on building the foundation of your dreams and break the status quo even further.



Full Moon, Clear Views


The time arrives when the moon and sun are in complete opposition to each other and it symbolizes your complete awareness of the effect of your work on the people around you.


Everything is becoming clear and you know exactly what you want but you’re still willing to accept the influences of those around you.



Disseminating Moon, Shedding Light


Just when the moon is starting to disappear halfway between the full and last quarter, you will find your purpose to shed light on others. You will finally see the fruit of your labor and realize your cycle coming into a full circle.



Last Quarter Moon, Breaking Down


As the moon starts to wane and the sun becomes square, you will also start to see the beginning of the end of your cycle. You have already harvested the fruit of your hard work and you are now ready to break down the old structure to make way for the new one.



Balsamic Moon, Coming Out


Finally, there is the balsamic moon, which is the time between the last quarter and the new moon. This is the signal of maturity where you now feel a bit of alienation from the existing social structure around you. You would want to make it on your own and you’re ready to come out stronger than ever.