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The following is from a press release by News Travels Fast and the Boca Raton Museum of Art:   COSMIC WONDERS BY SILVERPOINT Carol Prusa Probes the Mysteries of the Universe and Honors the Women Astronomers Who Mapped the Stars Carol Prusa, Cosmic Web (for the Harvard Observatory Computers), 2018, Silverpoint graphite titanium white, mars […]

Traditional and Modern Use Of Native American Medicine Bags

The Native American medicine bags serve as a container for items but such are also believed to protect or give spiritual powers to its carrier or owner. You might be confused, but this is actually used by shamans and medicine men from historic times. Used In Ancient Times Historical facts tell that people use a […]

The Different Phases of the Moon: How Does It Affect Us?

Astrology has always been a fascinating subject for many people around the world.   From cosmic art to horoscopes, the curiosity for what the stars and the phases of the moon has to say about the future has made astrology one of the most studied topics today.   But what exactly are the phases of […]

Reasons to Embrace Spiritual Self-Care Now

For many people, the idea of self-development means exercising, eating right and getting enough rest. But not enough of us have heard of, or practice, spiritual self-care. For those who have, it’s easy to think that it is related to reading biblical texts, participating in worship services and observing rituals.   Spiritual self-care, however, encompasses […]

Four Things Yoga Can Do for Your Life

We all need a respite from the hustle and bustle of our daily life. We try to travel, dine out, spend time with friends or just be lazy at home. But none of these seem to give us that much-needed refresh from deep within.   Then, there’s yoga, an ancient combination of physical, mental and […]

Exploring the Role of Spirituality in Health and Healing

Life has never been more fast-paced than it is today. And in the middle of it all, it’s easy to find yourself struggling to find your inner peace and wellbeing. Of course, your health also suffers in the long run, especially if you don’t make time to take care of yourself.   The journey to […]

The Medicine Bag: Why it’s more than Just a Bag

The Native American culture is as rich as its people. Throughout the centuries, Native Americans thrived because of how they value their traditions including the objects they use for everyday life.   One of the most important accessories in Native American culture is the medicine bag, which was used mostly by a Shaman or medicine […]