Full Moon Purple SUP

This piece is 28″ x 16″ printed on 6mm Acrylic glass and mounted an aluminum frame.

The connection to the center, to the tides, to the moon, to the ocean, to this planet. It’s a cosmic connection.

La conexión con el centro, con las mareas, con la luna, con el océano, con este planeta. Es una conexión cósmica.

PRICE: $250usd

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This piece is 15″ x 9.5″ printed on 6 mm Acrylic glass and mounted an aluminum frame.

We must let go of that we know in order to grow. We must detached from the preconceived, from the perceived information that may have pulled us into the dark.

Debemos dejar ir lo que sabemos para poder crecer. Debemos desprendernos de lo preconcevido, de la  información que hemos adquirido que nos ha llevado hacia la oscuridad.

PRICE $120usd

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This piece is 17.75″ x 10″ printed on 3 mmAcrylic glass fixed into a wooden frame box (parota).

This piece translates the feeling of duck diving through the waves. We paddle out to cleanse our souls to change our perspective, to feel the connection to the universe.

Esta pieza traduce la sensación de buceo de pato a través de las olas. Remamos para limpiar nuestras almas para cambiar nuestra perspectiva, para sentir la conexión con el universo.

PRICE: $100usd

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This piece is 11.5″ x 20.5″ printed on 3 mm Acrylic glass fixed into a wooden frame box (parota). Could be hung horizontal or vertical.

Camalonga is a master plant from Peru and offers Protection of the Mind and Creative Ideas.

PRICE: $140usd

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