My Discovery of Being an Akashic Artist and What That Means.

“AKASHA” is Sanskrit for “aether” or “sky”.

I explore my mind in different ways. Always questioning my visions and inner knowing.  Where doesn’t it come from? What is it so natural to me? Why I was able to create so swiftly and effortlessly from what seemed like memory? I alway obtained an inner knowing along with vision or abilities known as Claircognizance & Clairvoyance. However not in a sense that I could necessarily look at a person and tell them things about their lives or their future, but more in a sense that I can see and connect to many different places that aren’t visible from this realm to the naked eye. My visual creations’ come from other places and dimensions, as if I were pulling them from a library. A library of places, things, events, energies and dreams. This is the library know as the “Akashic Records”. The term and concept was developed by theosophist and founder of Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner.

Although I have always had access to the Records, it wasn’t until 2016 after an isolation plant diet with  “Camalonga” that the channel became very clear and information started pouring out. I think it’s notable to explain that the isolation diet was scheduled at a very interesting time. It was during the opening of the Lion Gates Portal in 2016. I was working on uncovering years and years of toxic pollution in a landfill where I grew up outside of Philadelphia. I spent about 3 weeks prior to the isolation diet, pulling together information and working to get the EPA to look at my information and begin to assess the area and take samples to prove cancer and autoimmune disease causing toxins in the water and earth in certain neighborhoods. The time I spent working on this was very peculiar, I was able to work endlessly without sleep for nearly 3 weeks. I was very emotional and passionate. It sounds so cliche, but it honestly felt like God was working through me.  At the end of the 3 weeks, I finally got the site on the EPA’s list for testing and application for a ‘Super Fund Site’. The EPA is still conducting studies in the area however my souls contract with this uncovering is complete.

During this time, I was also working as a property manager for a very high end beach from property in Sayulita, Mexico. The job was given to me by a man who was very close friends with the father of my children, who wasn’t participating in my children’s lives or supporting in anyway. The job was toxic and exhausting. The stress and belittlement that I endured was simply unsustainable for my wellbeing. As I was sitting in the airport in Philadelphia, waiting for my flight to Toronto, where I was going for ceremony and to do the isolation diet, my boss and ex-partner decided to attack me over something that I don’t even remember! I quit right there about one minute before getting on the plane.

It was out in isolation that I received the message, I had a karmic contract to bring awareness around the toxic landfill in PA. I was not living in my highest vibration by staying in the property management job and I had to face my fear of losing that income to step into my souls true path. Several days prior to the isolation diet, I created the IG account “COSMIC COLLAGE”. The amount of things that happened during this time just blow my mind!

 It was very clear to me that I had fulfilled a karmic duty and that I was now given the key to the Akashic Records. I discovered through both meditation and my personal Lucid Dream practice that I can tap into these records and visually record them myself as I have been gifted a talent to do so. I find that the messages I receive are not only related to my own soul’s path but very much related to the collective which is why I decided to open up a membership to the library I have been creating for the past 5 years.

For those of you who have access to the records and are able to translate the information in anyway, whether it be through written word, music, visual art, reading others souls, etc.  I would love to hear your stories of how the records opened up to you!