Hi, Im Lori, the Creator of Cosmic Collage.
I have 20 years of experience as a graphic artist. In addition to the digital art that I create, I am also a web designer. Proficient in word press site customization, logo
and print design. I have a wide range of clients that do not necessarily pertain to the reader of cosmic collage. However it is my goal to merge my two talents and target a clientele who’s business coincides with spiritual healing, cosmic connection, surfing, yoga, nature, the magic of the universe and the belief that the universe is conspiring in your favor (Pronoia).

As an artist to display or share your art with others is like showing a piece of your soul. It isn’t easy. Overcoming the fear of judgment and the criticism of others has been a challenge for me. However The reward of seeing someone look at something that I’ve created and actually be able to see them feel a connection is worth facing that fear.

I’ve created a fantasy world that evokes a dream like wonder. Cosmic collage is a window into another dimension. I think we can all agree the ride here is getting a little bumpy to say the least. My intention is to alleviate some of the heaviness that’s going on in the world and make a contribution of beauty and light.

I am inspired by the great mystery of life, fractals in nature and sacred geometry. I am drawn to the healing patterns of indigenous people. My ideas and visions come to me in mediation. My creativity is something that travels through me, it is a gift from the spirit world.  I believe that all living things are connected and I live by that. I create when I am open receive a natural flow of spiritual and creative energy.