Many of us seek balance for ourselves in everyday life. When you set upon a spiritual path so many bits and pieces of you can change – inside and out. Walking along your journey, you may find your physical possessions change. They become less important, but what you do hold onto has value and meaning in your life. The zen master Wu-men said, “If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, This is the best season of your life.” The significance of this quote can be carried into the physical sphere, as a reflection of the spiritual. The goal of a Cosmic Collage is to bring visual medicine into your daily life. It’s not to crowd your space, but to aid in shifting your focus on the light of the world.

Spiritual Sovereignty & Visual Medicine Codes

Whether you are designing a yoga studio, a workspace, meditation room, or studio, the art you choose will reflect on your daily life. Visual medicine is a manifestation of the great mystery of life – inspired by the elements of nature and the mystical that so many of us connect to. Cosmic Collage wooden, wooden circle, canvas, prints and wall art are elements that can help you create a portal to abundance in your own space. Each piece is unique, and part of the collective consciousness, and you can feel the power when you look into the art. Whether you are working on manifesting love into your life, utilizing the law of attraction to raise your frequency, or you aim to create a space of healing, the wall art you choose can align you with and remind you of your path.

Manifest & Connect Through Cosmic Collage Art

The cosmos, plants, trees, birds, the ocean…tigers, women, and a stag. Symbols carry weight in every culture, religion, and individual. The wooden circle art of Cosmic Collage is handcrafted by Lori and her partner Pilas, and shipped from her studio in Mexico. You don’t need to feel limited though, as an abundance of art of all shapes and sizes are available as well. You can order yours online as paper or canvas, with different sizing options for your preference. Explore and order from the various categories to foster a creative space in your home!